The Canadian Foundation of Innovation (CFI)

Tingmiak, Kendra


The Canadian Foundation of Innovation (CFI) Compared to the Inuvialuit Regional Corporation (IRC)’s Innovation, Science, and Climate Change (ISCC) Division

The CFI aims to be collaborative, innovative, and responsible (CFI, 2020). To be collaborative and innovative, CFI emphasizes teamwork and the development of new and exciting ideas (CFI, 2020). The ISCC division achieves this through placing trust in the knowledge and abilities of our pod members to bring creative thoughts into the work bubble. To be responsible is to remain transparent and accountable through monitoring and disseminating the results of activities and investments (CFI, 2020). The ISCC division submits an update to the Inuvialuit Corporate Group (ICG)’s quarterly and annual reports. 

An obstacle which might affect the involvement of the ISCC division is the ability to actively and effectively engage and consult with Inuvialuit stakeholders. There are six Inuvialuit communities which direct the IRC’s list of research priorities. Within these six communities, there are four specific Inuvialuit organizations which require proper consultation, namely the Community Corporations, the Elders Committees, the Hunters and Trappers Committees, and the Regional Youth Advisory Group. Each of these boards and committees membership varies regionally, offering a unique holistic Inuvialuit worldview. The engagement process takes time and effort; steps include identifying gaps, outlining the capacity resources, concluding with interpreting the results and communications strategies.


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