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Bursaries for Research Administration Certificate

Change the Future Campaign in support of the Dr. Frances Chandler Bursary Fund

At CARA 2018, Josh Leslie of Stewardly founded and sponsored the Change the Future campaign by challenging CARA members to save a quarter each week until the next conference in support of bursaries for the fully online Research Administration Certificate at Mohawk College. CARA members responded with $1445 in donations at CARA 2019! Process Pathways donated another $500 and CARA made a donation in lieu of speaker gifts. The campaign continues, please join us as we aim to double the donations at CARA 2020 in Vancouver! Special thanks to member Karen Mosier for her generous donation of prizes in support of the Change the Future campaign prize draw.

Platinum Level - $500 +

Josh Leslie, Stewardly        |   Dan Gubekjian, R M Signs & Engraving Inc

Frances Chandler               |    Process Pathways 


Gold Level - up to $500

Deborah Zornes                |          Sarah Lampson

Katie Porter                        |        Anonymous Donor           |


Silver Level - up to $100

Anne Klymenko              |            Angela Zeno                  |               Anita Chiu

The Personal


Bronze Level - up to $20

Francesca Abbruzzese    |         Phani Adapa                |               Pierre-Jean Alarco

 Scott Baker                     |         Valérie Bourbonnais    |                Rachel Brown

 Maria Capizzi          |          Helen Chan                |                Josée Charest

Tessa Chang                   |         Paula Clarke                |                 Erica Conte                                        

Kyle Demes                    |         Jacqueline Dockray      |                Melanie Duffenais     

Susan Evans                  |          Ann Fong                      |               Marie-Claude Fortin     

Julie Frédette                 |          Louise Green                 |              Drew Gyorke                     

Diane Johnston             |          Jeremy Knight                |              Helene Lawrence       

Le Li                              |          Vanessa Lodermeier      |              Gordon MacDonald    

Michelle McGinn           |          Jamie McInnis                |              Jason Mirzaie       

Macarena Pampillo       |         David Phipps                  |               Meghna Ramaswamy

Bettina Ruhstein            |         Inga Sliskovic                 |              Melissa Squires           

Alex Willis 

Thank you to all donors, including those who have chosen to remain anonymous!