Mentorship Program

The CARA mentorship program was created in 2013 to supplement the professional development opportunities offered by webinars, workshops and conferences. Mentees work with their mentors to achieve professional goals they have identified. Mentees are matched with a mentor for an initial period of 4 months and are encouraged to participate in the program more than once to benefit from the many diverse perspectives different mentors provide. Mentors provide mentees with general career advice, expertise in a particular aspect of research administration, insight on developing certain skills beyond the mentee's current role but necessary for advancement, feedback, help setting goals and/or support to help mentees network and raise their professional profile. Mentors are available in both French and English and generously volunteer their time to help our members and our profession advance.

Mentee Application

Mentor Application

Return all completed applications to Kaleb at . We will be in touch as soon as we have a mentor or mentee for you. Thank you for


Mentorship Program Coordinator 

Kaleb Antonides

Kaleb joined CARA in April of 2018 and is looking forward to joining the great network of research administrators in Canada. Kaleb graduated with a Bachelor's of Science with a major in Health Science and a minor in Business from Redeemer University in 2016. Kaleb has had multiple internship experiences with non-profit organizations and physiotherapy clinics, as well as an internship with the Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine in Melbourne, Australia focusing on healthy lifestyle and chronic disease management research. Kaleb is passionate about research and enjoys learning about breakthrough and innovative research around the world in order to promote healthy living. In his free time, Kaleb enjoys playing hockey, golf, board games as well as enjoys hiking and travelling.