Research Finance. 
Jan 30 2024, 12-1pm EST. 
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Angela Luciano
Angela Luciano, CPA,CMA is the Director of Research and Restricted Financial Management at Concordia University. She began her career at Concordia in 2004 and  has held several roles in the management of research funds and restricted funds. She was also on project Unity, a major HR and Finance system implementation of SAP where she was the lead of the grants module.

Angela Zeno
Angela Zeno is a long-time leader in CARA's finance community and has been recognized for her achievements in welcoming new colleagues to CARA, co-developing conferences workshops for fellow finance experts, and presenting research finance webinars to our membership. Angela is a networking catalyst among research finance professionals and she has helped created a collegial, dynamic community of her peers.

Event Date: 30 Jan 2024 | City: | Venue: Online