CARA/ACAAR is committed to maintaining the accuracy, confidentiality, and security of your personally identifiable information ("Personal Information"). As part of this commitment, the following Ten Privacy Principles govern our actions as they relate to the collection, use, and disclosure of Personal Information. The principles have been built upon the values set by the Canadian Standards Association's Model Code for the Protection of Personal Information and Canada's Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act.

Principle 1 - Accountability

CARA/ACAAR is responsible for maintaining and protecting the Personal Information under its control.

Principle 2 - Identifying Purposes

The purposes for which Personal Information is collected will be identified before or at the time the information is collected. 

Principle 3 - Consent

Knowledge and consent are required for the collection, use, or disclosure of Personal Information except where required or permitted by law. 

Principle 4 - Limiting Collection

The Personal Information collected will be limited to those details necessary for the purposes identified by CARA/ACAAR

Principle 5 - Limiting Use, Disclosure, and Retention

Personal Information may only be used or disclosed for the purpose for which it was collected unless you have otherwise consented, or when it is required or permitted by law. Personal information will only be retained for the period of time required to fulfill the purpose for which it was collected or as required by law.

Principle 6 - Accuracy 

Personal Information will be maintained in as accurate, complete and up-to-date form as is necessary to fulfill the purposes for which it is to be used.

Principle 7 - Safeguarding Customer Information

Personal Information will be protected by security safeguards that are appropriate to the sensitivity level of the information.

Principle 8 - Openness

CARA/ACAAR will make information available to members concerning the policies and practices that apply to the management of their Personal Information.

Principle 9 - Customer Access

Upon request, a member shall be informed of the existence, use, and disclosure of their Personal Information, and shall be given access to it. Members may verify the accuracy and completeness of their Personal Information and may request that it be amended, if appropriate.    

Principle 10 - Handling Customer Complaints and Suggestions

Members may direct any questions or inquiries with respect to the privacy principles outlined above or about CARA/ACAAR practices by contacting the Executive Director. 

What personal information is collected?

Applicants for membership in CARA/ACAAR are asked to voluntarily provide personal information regarding their professional capacities and institutional affiliations as research administrators. This information is stored in the CARA/ACAAR Member Directory, a member-only access feature of the website. The Directory enables members to communicate with one another and identify peers at other institutions. Any member, as well as the Website Administrator, has access to this information. For financial reporting and audit requirements, some information collected from the membership application is available to the Financial Administrator and financial professionals who conduct the annual financial audit. Applicants may also be asked to voluntarily provide self-identifying information. This information will be stored and accessed only by CARA/ACAAR staff and core Executive (President, Vice President, and Treasurer) and collected strictly for the purposes of better understanding the diversity of the membership. Applicants who choose not to self-identify will not be prevented from accessing CARA/ACAAR services. Member email addresses are added to the cara-net listserv unless the member opts out. The Website Administrator has access to this information as does the Executive.

Credit card information used to pay for CARA/ACAAR services (e.g. webinars, conference/workshop registration, and membership) is not retained once the transaction has been completed, nor is it released to any third party.


Provision of Personal Information implies that: (a) you agree and consent that we may collect, use, and disclose your Personal Information in accordance with this policy; and (b) you or a person representing you is authorized to provide us with your Personal Information. If you do not agree with these terms, you are requested not to provide any Personal Information. Certain services can only be offered if you provide CARA/ACAAR with your Personal Information. Consequently, if you choose not to provide us with any required Personal Information, we may not be able to offer you certain services.

Return / Refund Policy

CARA/ACAAR memberships are not refundable. However, where the membership has been purchased by the member’s employer, if the member leaves their position, the membership may be transferred to another employee of that organization.

The return/refund policy for conference registrations is stated on the website posting associated with the on-line registration form and may change from year to year.

Approved by the CARA Executive Committee on: 11 December 2023

In the event of inconsistency between the French and English version, the English language version shall prevail.