We are thrilled to partner with Mohawk College to offer the following certificates:


Research Administration

Course #988

Research Administration is a complex and interesting field with roles spanning hospitals, universities, colleges and non-profit research organizations. Positions in Research Administration range from research facilitation to clinical trials, research ethics to laboratory/project management and more. Designed to develop effective research administrators, this program provides opportunities to learn new skill and gain understanding of key areas of research administration across industries to help you move forward in your career.

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Research Management and Coordination

Course #953

Graduates of the Research Management program will have knowledge and insight into the complex world of management of research enterprises within university, hospital, or other organizational settings. Through in-depth examination of national and international regulatory issues, the program prepares graduates to move into positions of leadership within the dynamic field of research administration. This program will attract applicants from a broad range of backgrounds, including but not limited to: science, social science, health care, business. Grads interested in conducting research or acting as senior leaders in research administration may continue education at the Bachelor and Post-Graduate levels in any field of study.

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