The CARA mentorship program was created in 2013 to supplement the professional development opportunities offered by webinars, workshops, and conferences. Mentees work with their mentors to achieve professional goals they have identified. Mentees are matched with a mentor for an initial period of 4 months and are encouraged to participate in the program more than once to benefit from the many diverse perspectives different mentors provide. Mentors provide mentees with general career advice, expertise in a particular aspect of research administration, insight on developing certain skills beyond the mentee's current role but necessary for advancement, feedback, help setting goals, and/or support to help mentees network and raise their professional profile.

You will receive an invitation with more details to how to create your profile through the CARA mentorship program once you submit your mentee or mentor application. The mentor's profile will be made available and it is the mentee’s responsibility to contact and book a session with available mentors. Mentees can only book a mentor once, for up to two bookings through the system. Should you need more than one meeting with your mentee, you can directly book a meeting with them and NOT through the system.

Mentors are available in both French and English and generously volunteer their time to help our members and our profession advance.

The Apply Now button below will take you to fill a Mentor application. Should you wish to fill a Mentee Application, please make sure you are logged in and choose Mentee Application from the right side menu.