Grant Writing - Part 3: Advanced

Grant Writing - Part 3: Advanced.  

Even advanced grant writers can use reminders and tips to advance their submissions. As the volume of grants we write increases, we can get stuck in a rut and not see how our style might need a refresh. The grant field is getting more competitive and this webinar will bring a new shine to your tried and true tactics. We will cover strategic alignment, using images, tables and whitespace, a discussion on innovation and activity schedule content. Fresh ideas on how to express Benefits to Industry and Benefits to Canada, and some strategies to weave in EDI.  All good grant writers have their own tips and tricks. We can all benefit by sharing our unique styles, tips and tricks. Participants will be encouraged to share their ideas via comments as the discussion goes along.
Presented by: Jamie McInnis

Jamie is the Senior Research Grants coordinator working with researchers, their teams, industry and government to move technology along the technology readiness levels toward commercialization. After 12 years at the University of Calgary, Jamie joined the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology as their Senior Grants Officer in 2018. Jamie is a successful grant writer; securing and/or then managing over $54.3M in scientific funding. Her work is focused on writing large and small-scale grant proposals. She supports their management to ensure the outcomes and reports are achieved on time and within budget. Jamie believes that supporting research requires flexibility, initiative and strong adaptability to take on the many roles that are required for a research project or program to be successful. She has a Master's degree in Policy, her PMP designation since 2014 and three technical and business writing certifications.

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