Workplace Conflict: Strategies to Maintain a Healthy Workplace

Workplace Conflict: Strategies to Maintain a Healthy Workplace. 
Jan 21 2025, 12-1PM EST. 

In every workplace, conflicts are bound to arise, but the true measure lies in our ability to resolve disputes constructively. Understanding the pivotal role of mediation plays an important role in fostering collaboration and maintaining a healthy workplace. We will navigate the nuances of interpersonal conflict in the workplace with both colleagues and supervisors. Conflict in the workplace is natural and bound to occur when you have people of different backgrounds and perspectives working side-by-side. Specifically, we will dive into communication techniques, active listening skills, and the art of finding common ground. This interactive session is designed to empower you as mediators, enabling you to guide you and your team through challenging situations, transforming conflicts into opportunities for strengthened relationships and enhanced productivity. Using live Slido polls and interactive discussions of strategies that can be utilized to handle disagreements in the workplace, let's embrace the transformative power of mediation, turning potential disruptions into catalysts for positive change.

This webinar was a session at the 2024 CARA National Conference

Presented by: Karen Mosier and Mike Folinas

Karen Mosier: 

Karen E. Mosier is a Research Coordinator/Navigator for the Department of Surgery in the College of Medicine at the University of Saskatchewan. Karen has her BA in Psychology and MSc in Pharmacy. Karen has over eighteen years’ experience in research administration. Karen is also the author of the self-help book entitled Soft Skills and Professional Tips for the Office.

Karen has been a CARA member since 2010. Karen completed her Certificate in Research Administration through ARMA in 2017. She is a member of Mohawk College’s Research Administration Program Advisory Committee. Karen is also a co-chair of CARA’s Professional Development committee and serves on the CARA Executive. She is also an instructor at Mohawk College for the Certification in Research Administration program and has taught the Funding Proposal Development course for the last 3 years.

Karen was the recipient of the Dan Chase Distinguished Service Award – Priority Initiatives in 2018, the Community Builder Award in 2019, the Spirit of Kindness Award in 2020, and the Research Management Excellence Award in 2021. Karen appreciates all the professional development opportunities available through CARA and cherishes all the wonderful relationships she has made through her volunteer activities with CARA.

Mike Folinas:

Mike Folinas is the Director of Research Administration at the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Toronto. An alumnus of the same institution, Mike brings over seventeen years of progressive experience in financial and research administration across various Faculties and units at the University of Toronto.

Before joining the Faculty of Pharmacy, Mike managed portfolios for the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI), Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC), and internal programs in the Division of the Vice-President, Research & Innovation.

Mike’s expertise extends to dealing with numerous sponsors, including CFI, NSERC, CIHR, SSHRC, National Institute of Health (NIH), Canadian Space Agency, Environment Canada, Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC), and many other federal/provincial/foundations. He has extensive knowledge of the Tri-Agency program and many other sponsor programs, with experience spanning the full cycle of research funding administration, both pre and post-award.

In his current role, Mike leads a dedicated team that supports the submission of applications, negotiates agreements, manages adjudication panels, operational funds, and collaborative initiatives, and provides day-to-day support for researchers. His responsibilities also include managing unionized staff, planning and developing training documentation, and initiating projects to streamline business processes to ensure efficiency and reduce the burden on researchers.

Mike Folinas’s commitment to excellence and his extensive experience make him a vital asset to the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Pharmacy and its research endeavors.


Event Date: 21 Jan 2025 | City: | Venue: Online

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