Safeguarding Canadian Research: Alberta Views

Safeguarding Canadian Research: Alberta Views. 
Jan 8 2025, 12-1PM EST. 

Canadian research innovation is fueled by open scholarship and international collaboration. Yet the open and collaborative nature of Canada’s research ecosystem also makes it vulnerable to unwanted access, theft, and misuse. With the launch of new research security requirements for federal grant applications, safeguarding research is quickly becoming a priority for postsecondary institutions across Canada. This session highlights perspective from the Alberta postsecondary sector to discuss approaches to protecting the integrity of Canadian research. Topics include the building up of research security programs at UCalgary and postsecondary collaboration on a hub-and-spoke model for safeguarding research in Alberta. This presentation will explore the importance of a collaborative approach to strengthening the research security posture in Alberta and across Canada.

This webinar was a session at the 2024 CARA National Conference.

Presented by: Martha Wallace

Martha Wallace joined the University of Calgary in December 2022 as the Director of Research Security in the Office of the Vice President of Research.  Martha came to the University with over 20 years of federal and provincial public service experience. She has worked with senior leaders in academia, government, and industry to develop innovation and research security policy and programs including developing the Safeguarding your Research Portal.

Martha was recently featured in CSIS Research Security Quarterly Expert Summer 2023 edition, wherein she comments on how connecting with people from across the University has been key to building awareness about safeguarding research.

In her present role, Martha has been an instrumental leader in building a robust Research Security posture for UCalgary.  She has also led efforts to build Alberta and Team Canada approaches to sharing best practises and building up safeguarding research capacities.

Martha was the first female leader hired across Canada in this sector and quickly established the Research Security Division (RSD).  RSD works with the campus community to support researchers in complying with new federal and international research security requirements and ensures that they are able to establish transparent, secure and mutually beneficial collaborations and partnerships.  RSD is a one stop shop for research security that provide identification and mitigation of risks, open-source intelligence expertise, guidance on sanctions and export controls and assistance in navigating federal, provincial and international research security requirements.

Martha has a BA (Honours) from Bishop’s University and a Master’s in Public Administration from Queen’s University.

Event Date: 08 Jan 2025 | City: | Venue: Online

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