Clinical Research and Compliance

Clinical Research and Compliance. 
Sep 10 2024, 12-1PM EST. 

In the rapidly evolving field of clinical research, maintaining a robust compliance structure is paramount to ensuring the integrity, safety, and efficacy of clinical trials. This presentation will delve into the essential components of a comprehensive compliance program within research institutions, emphasizing the need for systematic oversight and adherence to regulatory standards. We will explore the clinical regulatory framework, focusing on the International Council for Harmonization (ICH) guidelines and a high-level overview of Health Canada’s Division 5 regulations. The discussion will highlight the critical role of effective compliance programs in safeguarding participant welfare, enhancing data reliability, and ensuring regulatory adherence. Attendees will gain insights into the key elements that constitute a robust compliance infrastructure, including ethical considerations, legal requirements, and institutional policies. Through this exploration, we aim to underscore the indispensable nature of compliance in achieving successful and credible clinical research outcomes.

Presented by: Sasha Eskandarian

Sasha Eskandarian is a highly accomplished leader with over two decades of experience in research administration, compliance, and research program management. She has a proven record of accomplishment of driving organizational growth, fostering a culture of excellence, and ensuring regulatory compliance in clinical research environments. Skilled in strategic planning, human resource management, and building collaborative partnerships across diverse stakeholders, Sasha is a visionary leader passionate about innovation and committed to promoting equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Currently serving as the Manager of Research Compliance & Support Services at Hamilton Health Sciences, Sasha oversees regulatory compliance, quality assurance, and audit management. She developed and implemented a new compliance framework, founded the "Pan-Canadian Research Connect" network. Her leadership has enhanced research quality, efficiency, and collaboration among research institutions.

Sasha holds advanced management and leadership certifications from prestigious institutions, including McGill University and McMaster University. She possesses extensive experience in ensuring regulatory compliance and maintaining quality standards in clinical research environments, with in-depth knowledge of clinical trial regulations and research ethics.

Previously, Sasha was the Senior Research Program Manager at McMaster University, where she provided strategic direction and managed global research programs. Her efforts led to the establishment of a state-of-the-art research repository lab and tissue bank.  Earlier in her career, Sasha managed a large Genetic Oncology research lab at Mount Sinai Hospital, contributing to significant advancements in genetic research through molecular testing projects and tumor bank operations.

In recognition of her contributions, Sasha has received numerous awards, including the Vice President’s Award at Hamilton Health Sciences and the President’s Award at McMaster University. Sasha is also actively involved in community engagement, youth empowerment programs, and industry collaboration through roles such as Co-Chair of the Network of Networks (N2) Quality Committee.  

Event Date: 10 Sep 2024 | City: | Venue: Online