The Research Management Excellence Award will be presented to an exceptional research manager who has made outstanding contributions to the profession through innovation, creativity, hard work, and dedication.

Eligibility Criteria:

The following criteria shall be applied when nominees are considered for this Award:

• the nominee must be a current member of CARA.

The recipient will have:
• enhanced the reputation of our profession
• enhanced the standards and professionalism of research management
• made a demonstrated contribution to the practice of research management nationally or internationally through publication, development of new procedures or other leadership
• committed to continuous improvement as shown by engagement in the ongoing study of research management best practices
• consistently illustrated high standards of customer service
• achieved excellence in the profession beyond the scope of his/her primary professional role

Submission Requirements:

• Fill the form
• Two (2) letters of support
• Nominee's resume (CV)

If you face technical difficulties uploading documents to the form, please send all supporting documents to (email)