It is time we recognize people for going out of their way to make our world a better place to live in; specifically, colleagues who, through acts of kindness, caring and compassion, improve our workplaces. The Spirit of Kindness Award intends to seek out and highlight CARA members who are cultivating compassion and kindness in the workplace and in the research administration community. This Award reflects CARA’s values. Our commitment to inclusivity within the research administration community is based on supporting a welcoming community. In the CARA community, kindness is a cornerstone and diversity is welcomed. Starting from a place of kindness can help build relationships of trust and authenticity, while enhancing collaboration. By identifying the Spirit of Kindness as an embodiment of what CARA values, we are acknowledging the importance of positive compassionate behavior as a key attribute of today’s research administrator.

Eligibility Criteria:

The following criteria shall all be applied when nominees are considered for this Award:

• This award is open to all CARA members
• Examples of acts of kindness by a CARA member in their workplace taken from the letter(s) of support.
• Examples of acts of kindness by a CARA member in the CARA community, or the wider international research administration community, taken from the letter(s) of support.
• Clear demonstration of the impact that this individual has had on their workplace, or the CARA community, or the international research administration community with their kind, caring and compassionate acts.

Submission Requirements:

• Fill the form
• Two (2) letters of support

If you face technical difficulties uploading documents to the form, please send all supporting documents to (email)