1.0 Purpose

The Canadian Association of Research Administrators (CARA) is committed to supporting the profession by offering members a safe, inclusive, and professional space to learn and grow through networking with peers, sharing best practices, professional development, mentorship, and leadership opportunities. CARA is a member-led association and all members are involved in the association’s mission, strategic plan, programs, services, and success. This policy expands on the Code of Ethics and Diversity Statement by providing specific statements of behavior relevant to membership in CARA.

2.0 Policy Statement

2.1 CARA members will always act respectfully toward fellow CARA members which includes treating all other members equitably, fairly, honestly and respectfully.

2.2 CARA members are to act in an inclusive manner where thoughts, ideas and perspectives from diverse members are valued and respected.

2.3 CARA members shall not engage in behavior that would detract from a positive experience being available to fellow CARA members and others attending CARA events, participating in CARA programs and/or using CARA services.

2.4 CARA members shall comply with the letter and spirit of all CARA policies.

2.5 Each CARA member shall take responsibility for their actions and/or decisions.

2.6 CARA members shall refrain from inappropriate personal behavior while involved in any CARA or CARA-related activities and will not engage in behavior that would constitute personal harassment. Personal Harassment includes any behavior, whether expressed verbally, in writing or physically, that is discriminatory in nature, based upon another member’s race, appearance, ancestry, place of origin, political beliefs, religion, marital status, physical or mental disability, sex, age or sexual orientation. It can include malicious or intimidating gestures or actions, threats, coercion, bullying, threatened or actual assault (whether verbal or physical), humiliation, insults, gossip, slander or unwelcomed advances which cause or could be expected to cause significant distress in the recipient individual.

2.7 CARA has a zero-tolerance policy with respect to Personal Harassment. Personal Harassment in any form is strictly prohibited and may be grounds for termination of membership or in the case of non-members who are attending events, may be grounds to preclude CARA membership and/or preclude future participation in CARA events.

2.8 Strict adherence to the Code of Conduct is essential to the activity and reputation of CARA and observance of the Code of Conduct and other related policies are a requirement of membership in CARA.

2.9 The Executive Committee is responsible for ensuring compliance with the Code of Conduct and all policies of CARA.

2.10 The Code of Conduct shall be reviewed annually.


Approved and revised by the CARA Executive Board on: 17 May 2023

In the event of inconsistency between the French and English version, the English language version shall prevail.