Our Mission

To foster research administration and management expertise in Canada by facilitating a strong and vibrant community, providing and facilitating robust career and professional development programs and services for members, and enabling synthesis and dissemination of information/knowledge on research administration and management with a view to developing individual and organizational excellence.


Our Vision

To be the national, collaborative body of knowledge and expertise on research administration and management in the Canadian research landscape.


Our Values

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, which starts with dismantling systemic barriers to equitable participation in CARA and the research administration profession; to seek and value diverse representation in the CARA community as we are stronger, more productive, and effective because of diversity; and, to create a supportive, active, accessible, and diverse research administrator/management community that values a variety of perspectives, thoughts, and ideas.

Integrity, which includes respect, trust, transparency and honesty.

Transparency, which includes a commitment to sharing information, experiences, insights, and best practices.

Relevance, by supporting innovation, forward thinking, learning, improvement, creativity, and inquiry.

Sustainability, to ensure operational viability of the association.